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Hi! It's Nika. I'm so glad you are here. All the resources mentioned in the book can be found on this page.

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The 'Unexpected Adversity Model' graphic

Download your own copy of 'The Unexpected Adversity Model' graphic. Keep this handy tool as a guide for transforming challenges into opportunities.

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Story Shift' workbook

Are you ready to rewrite your narrative? Download your 'Story Shift' workbook, filled with exercises to help you transform your perspective and your experience.

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SHINE Emotional Mastery Playbook

Transform your trials into triumphs by getting your own copy of the SHINE Emotional Mastery Playbook

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'Hidden Gems' app

Discover the unexpected treasures in your journey. Access our exclusive 'Hidden Gems' app, designed to help you uncover and cherish the power in your adversity.

You need a paid version of ChatGPT to use this app.

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Social Media Templates and Support

If you are inspired to share your own story, head over to SHINE for a guide on navigating social media with authenticity and vulnerability. Find advice and templates to help you share your challenges powerfully and positively.


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'Find the Funny’ journal

Laughter is a powerful tool (and it’s just so fun!). If you're looking to lighten your load with humor, the ‘Find the Funny’ journal is designed to bring a smile to your face, even on the toughest days.

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Empowered Healing Checklist

Get your own printable copy of the Empowered Healing Checklist. Customize it, make it your own, and harness its power to enrich your healing process.

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Cancer gift list

Want to brighten the day of someone battling breast cancer? Here is a thoughtful list of gifts that truly make a difference.

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'Embrace & Grow' worksheet

Ready to take your first step in embracing life's curveballs? Download the 'Embrace & Grow' worksheet – your guide to turning challenges into triumphs.

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Creative Escape Toolkit

Embrace your own creative outlets. Get the SHINE Creative Escape Toolkit for ideas and prompts to unlock your creative potential.

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'Gratitude Amplifier' toolkit

If you’d like to find things to be grateful for even in difficult times, grab our 'Gratitude Amplifier' toolkit.

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