Imagine Being Celebrated For Your Unique Impact

How would it feel if... ?

  • you felt ultra-clear on your brand and your offerings
  • you had a streamlined, simple system for posting powerful, branded content on all of your social media channels consistently
  • your social media posts and videos were reaching 10x as many people
  • you were getting the recognition you deserve

In the SHINE Squad: 

  • You start by getting a super-handy tool that makes it a breeze to nail down what your brand's all about. Like, really getting to the heart of your unique vibe and how you stand out.
  • Then, you learn a crystal-clear path for honing in on your offerings or services. A way to precisely define what you bring to the table, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your brand and hits the mark with your audience.
  • And to bring it all together, we keep you consistent with community, support, and acountability.

What is the SHINE SQUAD?

The Shine Squad is a community that shares creative ways for members to show up and SHINE as the unique superstars that they are.

Content, Coaching, & Community... Everything you need to grow your visibility online 

...with support, accountability, and training.

Sounds good - I'm in!

How did I go from running a social media agency to getting 100 million views on YouTube in just 4 months?

I grew up believing that I should be perfect. I learned to hide challenges, appear brave, put on a happy face.

As an entrepreneur, this translated to showing only the successes, pretending that everything was roses and sunshine.


Anyone else a recovering perfectionist?

Then, right before the Pandemic, I learned I had cancer.

Yes, obviously, I had to deal with that, and treatments came first, but I didn't want to give up everything else. How was I going to get through the next year or two, continuing to work with clients, share value on my videos, and grow my business if I was supposed to pretend everything was great?

I thought I would have to hide.

Then one day I just shared my story.

Without tons of preparation.

Without makeup.

Without hair.

I shared the things I was supposed to feel ashamed of.


And my connections ate it up.

Now after 100 million video views, hundreds of thousands of new followers, and dozens of new clients and business and speaking opportunities, I want to make sure that you know…

When you share those things you think you should hide -

Everything changes.


And now it's time for YOU to SHINE.


Membership Benefits

Your Shine Squad Membership includes all of the following:

Bottom Line:

I help you show up and SHINE as the amazing, brilliant superstar you are, so you get the recognition you deserve.

Let's do this!

If you're anything like me, you know you can do more amazing things when you have an experienced, supportive coach holding your hand, giving you direction, and cheering you on. Just imagine how things will be in a few months as you are implementing the SHINE Model and are becoming more of a celebrity!




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