Embrace Adversity with Joy and Humor.

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Actually, I Can:

Rewriting the Rules of Resilience 

Nika's cancer went viral... literally.

After her diagnosis of invasive lobular carcinoma, Nika began documenting her journey on social media to share her unique philosophy of welcoming adversity so she could show other women that: "Actually, they can, too."

Throughout her adventure, she went viral on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, while amassing 400,000+ followers.


This book is a manifesto and practical roadmap to help women reprogram their learned responses so they can embrace daunting challenges with joy, confidence, and humor.. 

"You've shown me how to be a hero in my own life"

"You make me feel so happy"

"So powerful - you have deeply affected me"

"You make me realize that I can be the real me."

Actually, I Can launches May, 2024 



350K subscribers
370 mil+ views


2.3 mil+ likes



"You don't know there are people you inspire. And I am one of them. Honestly been battling with sadness , depression, anxiety for many years. And when I am seeing this, I feel so happy because I had realize there are people that living their best life despite of what they've been through.☺️"

"The way you have dealt with your situation with beauty and grace has deeply affected me. And, through it all, you have generously shared information when I’m sure that doing so was never easy."

"Oh my goodness, this is so inspiring - Nika Stewart you bring tears to my eyes and hope in my heart. This kind of inspiration is exactly what the world needs right now 💖💖💖"

"OMG!!!! This is just so inspiring. I have God bumps and tears watching it. Yes, you can do it and you show all of us that we can all do it!"

"Can't wait to read your book."

"You remind me I can do hard things."

"You are an inspiration and a guiding light for so many." 


More comments from fans:

"You inspire me! You unstoppable woman… such an important message you bring and with so much fun! 😍"

"Sometimes we forget how to appreciate ourselves.. She's such an inspiration"

"Please keep making these! This is my mommy’s biggest insecurity right now."

"If I heard you were writing a book, I would assume it would be about how to be a hero in your own life. x"

"Survivor and inspiration always"

"Needed this today."

"So powerful and inspiring."

"Hope spoken"

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